Welcome To InCareRX Prescription Discount Card Program.

We are proud to provide you and your family access to the lowest overall prices available nationwide at over 60,000 pharmacies, including most major chains.  Get ready to start saving from 14% to 21% on Brand, and from 10% to 90% off all your prescriptions, especially generics, depending on what medications are prescribed!

THIS IS NOT INSURANCE! Nor does this discount card have cash value! It may be used IMMEDIATELY and is available to anyone who wants to save on their RX prescriptions and durable medical equipment (DME) "out of pocket" expenses.  EVERYONE IS ELIGIBLE.... NO AGE or INCOME RESTRICTIONS and absolutely FREE and instantly activated upon receipt.

WHY InCareRx...YOU ASK?....: Because InCare RX Member Patient Benefits has the highest overall savings of any other discount card available we can find; this means the lowest overall prices on prescription drugs; no need to shop around because with this card you receive the same low price at every participating pharmacy.  It's HIPPA compliant also, so patient Information will NEVER be disclosed or sold to any third party, nor released to anyone for any purpose;

                                                   Other InCare RX Card Benefit Pluses


   + NO MEDICAL QUESTIONS                                    + NO PAPERWORK                                   + FREE MEMBERSHIP

                                                                   + Toll Free HELP LINE @ 1.800.286.9589

Pharmacies Benefit - InCareRx sends them more cash paying customers who return and are no longer lost to independent pharmacies because of non competitive Rx prices alone.  Customers just keep coming month after month, because of no longer having to shop around for the lowest Rx prices! 

A: Unlike the other discount cards they accept, IncareRx also does NOT compete with pharmacies by offering Mail Order Service, for those who prefer this method of savings under their curent prescription drug program (PDP).
B: Incare RX also does NOT pay exorbitant endosement fees to medical providers as some discount card programs typically do.

Physicians & Other Healthcare Providers Benefit
MD's hospitals, Emergency Care Centers and other healthcare providers love telling their patients about our InCare discount care program........

MD's and healthcare provider facilities treat folks everyday with physical, mental and often financial problems who have NO INSURANCE or "IF ANY at all", find they usually have very limited RX BENEFITS.  Even healthy folks, who often prefer a higher deductible plan design to save money and on purpose prefer "greater max out of pocket" type coverage discover they MUST PAY plan Dedeductible(s) and too often even their max out of pocket (MOOP)  FIRST......BEFORE their limited RX benefits even kick in...... 


 "HI...... this is a small thiing, but to me it was great! My daughter is very sick with strep throat. 99.99 % of the time she is the picture of health. She had missed two days from work already and she had no health insurance. When she got to CVS to fill her script, she was told that it would be $ 69.00, She called me and told me and I emailed her immediately a copy of my InCare RX card. She gave it to the clerk right from her cell phone, who preceeded to enter the information. The PRICE DROPPED DOWN to $ 28. She and i couldn't believe it. Now i am really excited, because if it can help her like that, it can help so many others in similar situations!"

Ready To Start Saving?  Get your Card NOW

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By clicking below you will find TWO outstanding INDIVIDUAL DENTAL INSURANCE PLAN CHOICES and our INDIVIDUAL VSP CHOICE standalone VISION INSURANCE plan.    

LOOKING FOR DENTAL INSURANCE ONLY?  Underwritten by RENAISSANCE DENTAL, two superb and affordable Individual DENTAL INSURANCE plan choices......MAX CHOICE ( PPO/MAC) or MAX CHOICE PLUS (PPO) are currently available. 

BOTH dental plan choices provide IMMEDIATE ENROLLMENT, NO WAITING PERIODS; FREEDOM OF PROVIDER CHOICE (IN or OUT of network; BENEFITS THAT INCREASE OVER THREE YEARS, GENEROUS BASIC, MAJOR AND ORTHODONTIC BENFITS INCLUDED all at very affordable prices.  Check out the specific benefit highlights and details for EACH plan offered before selecting the one more suitable for your needs.


Our excellent VSP CHOICE VISION ONLY PLAN is also available immediately on a standalone basis. Plan highlights includes No deductibles; No waiting periods; No copay for Contacts; Your choice of network providers; Annual eye exam, frames and lens (every 12 month period); Discounts on laser Vision correction and generous benefits IN and OUT of Network.


 Click HERE to get started!





Don't think we can save you money on your small group employee benefits?  CALL US  on it?


 SIMPLE............NEW..............AFF0RDABLE...............PROTECTION!!!...............IT'S A SNAP!

Legacy Financial Solutions and one of our LSPN strategic team partners Kansas City Life Insurance Company have partnered to create a plan of employee benefits we call Legacy SNAP that meets your needs and the needs of your employees!

Legacy SNAP focuses on SIMPLICITY -no confusing plan options and just ONE PRICE.  Legacy SNAP  is a life and disability package designed exclusively for and available only to small employer church groups of two to 24 lives. It covers all full-time employees working 20 hours or more per week.  The EMPLOYER pays 100 % of the cost and the benefit package is easy to understand as every employee receives the same benefits for a buck a day ($ 31/mo).


GROUP TERM LIFE & ACCIDENTAL DEATH BENEFIT$ 15,000;  Benefits reduce 35 % at age 65, 50 % of the original amount at age 70 and terminate at retirement.  Family enrollments also include $ 2,000 on Spouse/$ 1,000 on all children up to age 26/$ 250 for infants 14 days to 6 months also included.

SHORT TERM DISABILITY- $ 150/week benefit payable for up to 13 weeks for non-occupational disabilities beginningon the 1st day of an accident or the 8th day of a sickness with no limitations due to pre-existing conditions.


LONG TERM DISABILITY-60 % of an employee's salary up to a maximum benfit of $ 1,500/month after a 90 day elimination period.  Benefits are payable to Social Security Normai Retirement Age and are limited to 24 total months for diabilities caused by mental/nervous/drug/ alcohol unless hospital confined.  Benefits for a disabiity that results from a pre-existing condition will not be covered until an individaul has been actively at work for 24  months from the date he/she is eligible for coverage.



L E G AC Y   S N A P   P L A N   P A R A M E T E R S   AT   A   GLANCE 

Eligible groups size is 2-24 lives;  Eligible groups must have been in business for one year;   Initial rates are guaranteed for TWO (2) years;  GUARANTEED ISSUE COVERAGE FOR ALL ELIGIBLE EMPLOYEES WITH NO MEDICAL UNDERWRITING;   Only SIC code 8661 (501 (C)(3) churches are eligible for SNAP at this time;  Employees must be performing the material and substantial duties for their own occupation for a minimum of 20 hours/week;   Employer pays 100 % of the premum and all eligible employees must be enrolled as part of their employee benefit package . 

Need SIMPLE..... NEW..... AFFORDABLE...., PROTECTION for your small group employees you can't find or get anywhere else!    WELCOME TO LEGACY SNAP....... dependable small group basic guaranteed issue group term life, accidental death and disability coverage for about a buck a day!

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