Wednesday, July 17, 2024
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It’s never too early to start planning!

Consider these important questions:

  • -Will you have enough money to fund your retirement? Your child’s education? Pay off your home?
  • -If you become disabled, will you have enough income to sustain your current life style and still pay the extra medical costs?
  • -If you die prematurely, will you survivors life style be compromised?
  • -Are you paying more than you have to in taxes?
  • -Do your savings and investments keep up with inflation?
  • -Do you really know where you currently stand financially and where you are going?
  • -Do you find that inflation, changing tax laws, fluctuating interest rates and the variety of financial products on the market today make it hard to know what to do next?

If your answers to any of these questions concern you… We Can Help! We are dedicated and committed to helping you reach a secure planned final destination. Keys to financial success according to successful people who know where they are going are: commitment, discipline, and having a financial road map strategy.

A brighter financial future awaits those who know where they are going! A customized financial road map for you, designed by us, usually:

  • -Increases your spendable income
  • -Minimizes the impact of taxes
  • -Increases your net worth

Our Primary Objective

  1. To help improve YOUR financial position.
  2. To help increase YOUR income whenever possible.
  3. To help reduce YOUR taxes legally whenever we can.
  4. To help enhance the overall quality of YOUR life..

Our Planning Process

  1. We identify and prioritize YOUR short-term and long-term goals. We ask a lot of questions. To get to know YOU better personally and financially, we use multiple confidential questionnaires.
  2. We analyze YOUR data and prepare a customized plan for YOU. We compare how things are with how YOU would like them to be.
  3. We make specific recommendations for improving YOUR situation based on your specific established goals.
  4. We implement YOUR new plan. Any good plan includes a plan of action. We combine our experience and knowledge with the most appropriate products and solutions we have found that meet YOUR specific needs and priorities.
  5. We monitor, review and update YOUR priority financial plan as needed.

To help you on your Financial Journey, please utilize these links below:

-Financial Concepts
-Business Concepts

Our Trusted Partners

  • Kansas Life
  • BSC
  • IMG
  • BCBS
  • Blue
  • The Bloch Agency
  • KCL Group

HCR: 5 Things You Need to Know

  1. The ACA Law is in Effect;
  2. You are required to have coverage;
  3. Major milestones are looming;
  4. Financial help extends to middle class Americans;
  5. Insurances prices/costs may significantly change;

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What Others Are Saying

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"Legacy Financial Solutions has been a tremendous help to us in our efforts to provide our congregation with the essentials needed to navigate them through the difficult and arduous task of preparing wills.

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Robert Hayes

"All I did was see a need and called Legacy Financial Solutions, LLC.

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