Randall J. Benton (Randy) is co-founder of Legacy Financial Solutions ,LLC, a financial planning and services firm focused on providing compehensive financial services to business owners as well as  leaders and staff members of churches, para-church ministries, and other 501©(3) organizations.  He most recently served as corporate treasurer and continues to serve as stewardship director for the S.C. Ministry Resource Center (S.C. District Assemblies of God).  

A former licensed minister with the Assemblies of God, his ministry opportunities have expanded to include a more consultative role in the arena of financial services  and estate planning to inter-denominational churches and non-profit organizations in Georgia and in both North & South Carolina.  He is a 1981 graduate of Clemson University with a major in business management along with post-graduate studies at the University of South Carolina (USC), Florida Southern College and the American College.  He holds various multi-state license designations in the insurance and investment industries and in 2007 completed a specialized “Certified Financial Planning” program with the Moore Business School (USC).  He is a Registered Financial Consultant as recognized by the International Association of Registered Financial Consultants.(IARFC)  He has served as a mentor to juvenile inmates at the Department of Juvenile Justice(DJJ - Columbia) and currently teaches an ongoing session on “Managing Money God’s Way” for maximum security prisoners transitioning out of Broad River Correctional (Columbia).

Randy is active with his local church and has served in various capacities over the last 35 years as lay leader in the role of teacher, deacon, royal ranger commander, youth director, singles leader, family ministry leader and church administrator. 

 In his spare time, Randy enjoys all outdoor sports such as fishing, hiking, and biking.  Time spent with family is the ultimate experience and he strives making this a priority.

Jan, his wife of 30 years, is currently employed with the Richland District 2 school administrative office.  Their son, Joseph, is currently pursuing a career in personal training & exercise science while their daughter, Jaymeson, is currently an educator at Richland Northeast High School.


Our firm, Legacy Financial Solutions is strategically poised to assist individuals and families, businesses and ministries and leadership alike of all sizes who face the many challenges often associated with directing limited resources to unlimited opportunities.  

Whether the challenge is one associated with the intricacies of personal risk management and retirement planning, or business risk managment issues for both profit or nonprofit entities we have solutions and are here to serve your needs.

If you are facing other unique financial planning scenarios such as employee/staff benefits planning, estate planningretirement planning, tax planning, business planning, wealth transfer planning, final expense planning or need affordable care act guidance, compliance assistance or IMMEDIATE HEALTHCARE ENROLLMENT you came to the right place,

Our goal is to provide you with the most relevant and accurate “Knowledge,” help bring security & peace-of-mind through exceptional “Performance,” while establishing a long-term relationship built on “Trust,”


 "Using knowledge, experience, performance, and trust, we deliver financial solutions that improve financial health, well being, and peace of mind to those we serve."


"We'll Be With You" - A Look At Our Business Philosophy:

The idea behind this statement has been an integral part of our firm since our inception in 1974. This continues to be the driving force in our daily operations today.

We do this the best way we know how... by developing a personal relationship with each client; focusing on individual concernsutiliziing and implementing prudent strategies that seek to maximize the creation and preservation of multi-generational wealth.

We then find "common sense" solutions utilizing competitive products with companies with proven track records, backed by sound investments with quality ratings and reliable service

We stand behind every promise made.We  use proven strategies that produce results that blend safety, liquidity, competitive and reasonable returns our clients want and expect from us.

We invite you to take a closer look. We think you'll not only like what you see, but will find that our philosophy is more than just a statement. It is reality!

Remember, "We'll be with you,"  We're Legacy Financial Solutions!


These are a few of our beliefs:

  1. We believe personal values like integrity, honesty, morality, discipline, and patience are timeless and transcends generations past, present, and future.
  2. We believe these same values, when combined with certain financial concepts, principles, and implemented through proven successful strategies, can add greater value to important investments, planning, and savings decisions made even today.
  3. We believe making informed decisions, avoiding mistakes, and knowing "WHAT" and "HOW"  to do the right thing is both invaluable and eternal.
  4. We believe there are no substitutes for knowledge, proven performance, experience and trust.
  5. We believe the safety of your money should be/ and is our #1 priority at all times!
  6. We believe the return"OF" your money is just as important to us as the return "ON" your money. 
  7. We believe your money should work as hard today as you did earning it yesterday!
  8. We believe it is possible to control the amount of taxes you have to pay; the IRS tax code can be legally used to your advantage!
  9. We believe the promise of financial security is only as good as the company who makes it!
  10. We believe that next to outliving your money, inflation is your greatest concern. Inflation is like "sandpaper" reducing the purchasing power of your current and future income.
  11. We believe  it's  not how much you earn, it's how much you keep that matters.
  12. We believe professional trusted planning assistance reduces mistakes, and increases peace of mind results.
  13. We believe most everyone's sitution is uniquely different and that there is no"one size fits all formula" for financial security. There are no cookie cutter" solutions for our clients nor substitutes for customized roadmaps designed to meet curent needs,  specific goals, and/or future objectives.


We will at all times put our client's interest above our own.

We will maintain proficiency in our work through continuing education

We will apply the principles of integrity, objectivity, competence, fairness, confidentiality, objectivity and diligence  daily in all of our planning efforts to those we serve.

We will use whatever amount of time  and skill is required to make sure customized financial roadmaps have been  properly designed with solution recommendations that work. 

We will abide by both the spirit and the letter of the laws and regulations applicable to financial planning services.

We will give our clients the same service we would give to ourselves in the same circumstances.


Please use the following links to meet our staff:

-Randy Benton
-Dick Leverette



  • Our customized financial road maps are designed specifically to deliver as promised to the desired final destinations requested,
  • Our carefully selected risk management product solution recommendations (when required) deliver exactly as promised on time and on budget at the specific moment needed.
  • Our product solution recommendations perfectly "fit" our roadmaps, guaranteed!
  • We never fix things that aren't broken!
  • We educate our clients about how to avoid common myths that could be dangerous to their financial health and security.
  • We utilize practical "tax-saving" ideas and strategies that preserve assets, avoid or defer taxation legally, and reduce costs for our clients while alive or following death, guaranteed.
  • We stand behind our work and deliver on every promise made.
  • The quality of products and services delivered thru our Legacy Solutions Provider Network is second to none! This is especially true for those with limited resources seeking "value-added" risk management product solutions. 

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