Wednesday, July 17, 2024
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Who We Are



  • Our customized financial road maps are designed specifically to deliver as promised to the desired final destinations requested,
  • Our carefully selected risk management product solution recommendations (when required) deliver exactly as promised on time and on budget at the specific moment needed.
  • Our product solution recommendations perfectly "fit" our roadmaps, guaranteed!
  • We never fix things that aren't broken!
  • We educate our clients about how to avoid common myths that could be dangerous to their financial health and security.
  • We utilize practical "tax-saving" ideas and strategies that preserve assets, avoid or defer taxation legally, and reduce costs for our clients while alive or following death, guaranteed.
  • We stand behind our work and deliver on every promise made.
  • The quality of products and services delivered thru our Legacy Solutions Provider Network is second to none! This is especially true for those with limited resources seeking "value-added" risk management product solutions. 

Our Trusted Partners

  • Kansas Life
  • BSC
  • IMG
  • BCBS
  • Blue
  • The Bloch Agency
  • KCL Group

HCR: 5 Things You Need to Know

  1. The ACA Law is in Effect;
  2. You are required to have coverage;
  3. Major milestones are looming;
  4. Financial help extends to middle class Americans;
  5. Insurances prices/costs may significantly change;

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What Others Are Saying

Brian Keith

"Legacy Financial Solutions has been a tremendous help to us in our efforts to provide our congregation with the essentials needed to navigate them through the difficult and arduous task of preparing wills.

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Robert Hayes

"All I did was see a need and called Legacy Financial Solutions, LLC.

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